March 4, 2020

How to choose a baby backpack carrier

How to choose a baby backpack carrier that suits you

Hiking with kids can be challenging – you don’t need an uncomfortable child carrier to make the experience more challenging. Thankfully, the days of boards and straps are a thing of the past, as outdoor companies have begun to understand that families want to spend time together in nature. The new generation of baby backpack carriers uses modern technology and materials. It comes with a more robust suspension system, more dial-in fits, and many features that weren’t there before.

WIPHA With research on how to take children on a journey before designing products to create children’s sling backpacks suitable for different environments.

How to choose a baby backpack carrier that suits you.

Look at your child before looking at a child carrier. If your baby is still an infant and has no strength in the neck, then your family is not ready for a backpack child carrier. Instead, choose a soft front harness until your teen can sit upright independently (and weighs more than 16 lbs). Once your family is ready, there are a few factors to consider.



A parent’s comfort on the road is arguably more important than a child’s (though picky toddlers might disagree). If you know you’ll share the harness with a partner or spouse, consider a backpack with adjustable suspension. Of course, you want the hip belt and shoulder straps to fit each harness, but being able to properly size the back panel to each wearer’s torso length will help transfer the load to the hips, no matter whose hips it is.



Backpacks are like strong opinions Everyone looks slightly different when wearing them. Try wearing a baby backpack carrier if possible. Not only can one pack accommodate two adults quite differently, but kids also have strong feelings for the cockpit. Equip yourself in the shop and avoid surprises on the road to ensure everyone is happy with your family’s investment.



While lots of storage sounds excellent, not every home needs six pockets. After all, more features mean more weight, so why carry extra ounces if you don’t have to Assess how you and your family will use the child carrier? If you know you’ll only be hiking on an easy day, opt for a slimmer design like the Hummingbird 02 or Creeper II that saves weight.

If your family likes to travel for multiple days, you can choose a carrier with a heavier weight but with extra storage space; your needs are personal to your family, so think carefully about these needs before stepping into the store.