Our Story

Take your baby and start an exploration of outdoor life.

Our story begins with a new dad who can’t wait to explore the world with their newborn baby. But even though he is a senior outdoor player, he couldn’t find a suitable product to provide perfect protection for babies outdoors. The mother, a senior structural engineer, had a great idea and decided to use her professional knowledge to design a backpack carrier, so “Wipha” was established and had their first baby backpack carrier.

With years of outdoor experience, Wipha quickly developed a series of backpack carriers for children in different scenarios and stages. And Wipha has always paid attention to details, adhering to the commitment to safety and quality. The top international laboratories have strictly tested every backpack carrier launched by Wipha. Powerful carrying system and professional material selection, relying on these unique advantages, the Wipha brand has won the trust and choice of parents with outdoor hobbies and continues to grow.

Don’t always think that the baby is too young to remember the places he visited when growing up. In many cases, those beautiful moments experienced together in parents’ minds are far more critical than what the baby remembers. When you stand on the top of the mountain with her on your back, you get the satisfaction of conquering the hill because, at that time, you are not only a climber but also a father and mother.


Our Vision

We continue to innovate to provide every novice parent with the possibility of outdoor adventure.